FAQs and Resources

Heritage Hedge provides understandable answers plus connections to viable decision-making and informational sources.

Resources and  Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to use this section and dive deeper into some outstanding resources to help you better run your farm.  We also have a list of common questions, but please feel free to use our contact form and reach out if you have any additional questions.

What do I get when I join Heritage Hedge?

As a team, Heritage will help you manage your farm. From accurate cash flow analysis to innovative marketing tools to estate planning, we want to help you accomplish your goals.

Who will I speak to on a regular basis from Heritage?

You will be given a Heritage Guide. Your guide will by your side every step of the way. Along your journey, you will be contacted by nearly everyone on the Heritage team to ensure your needs are being met.

Can you help me to know how to divide my farm in a fair manner for my children after I am gone?

Yes. Heritage uses innovative, yet easy to understand, strategies to make sure your wishes are fulfilled. These strategies can me crafted to fit your changing needs and wishes throughout your life.

Advanced hedging strategies scare me. How can I know I won’t be placed in uncomfortable positions when it comes to marketing my crop?

Each customer’s risk is assessed at the onset of our partnership, so we know your comfort zone. Rest assured that you will always be in control of the positions that are taken on your farm.

Where can I access my account information?

You may use your web browser (on your computer, or smart phone) and visit HeritageHedge.com where you will be able to log in as a member and see your data.  For your convenience you can easily create a shortcut on your iPhone by following the directions here

Will Heritage help me with investment tools like IRA’s and other retirement accounts?

Absolutely. Our team of experts understand how farmers think when it comes to retirement needs. We use liquid strategies that can be used as traditional retirement methods and can be utilized to purchase farm land in the future.

Can Heritage help me map out a plan to help my farm grow?

Heritage excels at this feature. Our team and tools can give you a precise view at what growing your farm entails. From purchasing, renting or crop sharing additional acres, we can show you exactly what it means to your bottom line.

Can Heritage help me when making decisions on crop insurance and government programs?

When it comes to crop insurance and government programs, Heritage is a leader. We assist producers to maximize each of these categories.

Can Heritage provide financing options?

Currently, Heritage maintains relationships with industry leaders in needs ranging from operating lines of credit, real estate loans to leasing products. Heritage has you covered!